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Balloon Arch Atlanta Near Me

Delivery FAQS

  • You can have your balloons delivered days before your event! Yes, they will still be perfectly new on the day of the actual event.

Installation times vary based on the size of the install and location of install (ceiling, porch, home, venue, brick wall, etc)

  • In general, balloons are brought ready to install, and in typical perfect conditions, install takes 30-45 mins. 

Outside Installs

Be sure to check the wind and weather conditions for your date.

  • If you have a rental item that will be outside, be sure that the ground is level where you will have us setup the rental. 

  • It is best practice to have the rental in a location that will aid in wind resistance.

    • e.g. putting a grass wall parallel to a wall or other structure​

  • Our balloons are tough and can last in outdoor conditions and under direct sunlight. They are however, still balloons made of latex and will react to the sun. If in direct sunlight for prolonged periods its possible for some balloons to pop. It is not advise to used dark colored balloons, metallic, or double stuffed balloons in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time​

Delivery Windows

  • Balloon Bouquet Deliveries are distinct from installation windows

  • Delivery windows are 4-hour windows.

  • We do not accept delivery for installations with less than 2 hours of prep time.

"Exact time" bookings are accepted on a case-by-case basis. 

*You'll receive a notice when your setup is 24-hours out.

*It is an automated message and if you do not receive the notification its likely your delivery has not been successfully scheduled; call us ASAP if this happens


We set up or install everything we deliver!

  • You can have your balloons installed several days in advance! Yes, they will last! 

From balloon arches to grass wall rentals! To ensure your celebration is properly prepared to party; we put it all together for you! Just book and relax! 

Click Here for Standard Delivery
You're Having a Party

Let us know when and where below! (Please read all of the terms & FAQS below).

**Reminder this order was booked with a Flexible Delivery Window, having your balloons delivered and installed the day before (or days before) your indoor event!

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