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We Deliver 

& Install all of our balloons

Not just metro Atlanta! We deliver and install in North, Middle and East Georgia! 

Important Details


We set up or install everything we deliver!

  • You can have your balloons installed several days in advance! Yes, they will last! 

From balloon arches to grass wall rentals! To ensure your celebration is properly prepared to party; we put it all together for you! Just book and relax! 

Delivery Info

You will share your delivery information once you have paid your deposit or your balance. 

You will receive the delivery form to input this info. We do not take delivery info via email.

  • Any changes or updates to delivery details 

Installation Time

Installation times vary based on

  • the size of the install

  • location of install (ceiling, porch, home, venue, brick wall, etc)

  • In general, balloons are brought ready to install, and in typical perfect conditions, install takes 30-45 mins. (however, please don't assume that your install is typical perfect conditions)

Rental Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Our flower walls, grass walls, wedding arbors, and any other rentals are delivered, installed, and picked up for no additional fee (outside of the delivery fee)! 

Delivery Windows

Delivery windows are 4-hour windows.

We do not accept delivery for installations with less than 2 hours of prep time.

"Exact time" (or less than 2-hours) bookings are accepted on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. 

  • Exact time deliveries are appointments and not windows 

Install Conditions

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Sun & Wind; Our installations are built to last!

All of our balloon arrangements are created with high-quality balloons that are made to be used in any weather conditions. However, for best results its important to have a backup plan because while the rain may not pop balloons, they can cause hooks to loosen and not adhere to surfaces or the vinyl or text on custom balloons to be compromised.

For Windy Conditions: Ask for an extra secure install ($30 fee applies) Rooftops and venues located outside at the base of tall buildings are often a bit windier


For Sunny Conditions: Ask for Sun Protection if you do not want your balloons to become matte (also avoid dark balloons colors)

Flat Rate or 15%

Our delivery rates are based on the location of delivery, size of the order, and manpower needed to ensure a smooth celebration! Fee varies, your itemized estimate will explain your individual delivery rate in detail, including the factors that contributed to the rate.

Delivery Appointments

  • Exact Time Deliveries are available upon request for an additional service fee

  • A delivery slot with an exact time eg. 8:00 a.m. vs 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

  • You will receive a notification if the delivery will be more than 10 minutes late

More on Deliveries


  • Bouquet deliveries are disticnt from installation deliveries

    • For installations: Think Cable Install windows

    • For Bouquets: Think Amazon, Fed Ex or UPS style delivery (by EOD)

  • Bouquet and gift deliveries occur between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

  • Even though the delivery form requests a 4-hour window; this window is just a preference, not a guarantee; that portion of the form is for installations

  • Your selection on this form will however help us better determine where to place you in the delivery route!

  • If you do not make a selection on this form (keep the stock time that is in the box) your delivery will be placed in the best available slot on the route

  • You will receive an immediate confirmation with the times that you select on the delivery form

  • You will receive a later confirmation with the time that your delivery window begins!  

  • As with all deliveries and installations if you need your balloons by a certain time, please schedule as far ahead of your event as possible. This can even be days ahead

We can not accommodate last-minute changes to deliveries

-Any changes made are at-will and forfeit any guarantee of delivery time, date, or installation

We understand things happen but due to the potential negative impact on other bookings, we can not make these accommodations.

More Delivery FAQs

Please see the Terms and Conditions Page for a list of frequently asked questions about delivery. Also, if none of the FAQs answer your question, feel free to give us a call or use the live chat

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