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Grass Wall Rental

Grass wall rental faqs

  • Grass Wall is approx 8ft x 8ft

  • Can not be rented without balloons

  • A Massive Garland is the best size choice for the grass wall. 

    • This size will cover the height of one side, and approx half the width of the top of the wall​

  • If balloon garlands are ordered with grass walls we install the garland and grass wall

  • Your balloons can be attached to the grass wall or any other surface in your space

  • You can hang a sign on the grass wall once it has been installed

    • Its best to hang the sign from the top crossbar of the grass wall using fishing line​

    • We can not hang the sign for you

  • We deliver and install all of our products

    • This includes grass walls and any accompanying items​

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Get a grass wall for your birthday, baby shower, mitzvah, wedding, reception, bachelorette or any other celebration you can dream up! 

Starting @ $300.00

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