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  • RePurpose

    • The options above are generally for balloon decor such as garlands or arches.​

    • If you ordered a balloon bouquet delivery, you will receive all foil balloons because they last longer.

      • Foil balloons can be used for art projects, or games with kids​

    • If you ordered same-day latex pickup balloons​

      • Due to the porous nature of latex, helium slowly seeps out of the balloons and this is the reason latex balloons do not float as long as the foil balloons

      • This is the reason we do not include them in our bouquets.

      • Latex balloons that are ordered and not picked up are gifted to clients whose installs they best match.

      • If you order latex for pickup check out the options to repurpose and extend their life below:

      • No Strings​​​

        • Once they begin to dip low, you can cut the strings to use as fun festive floor decor​

        • Or as a volley type ball for some sporty fun

      • Keep the strings:​

        • Create a fun twist on the classic tetherball by tying the end of the string to a pole and letting the balloon dangle; Trying to get the balloon to wrap the pole like in the in classic version will certainly bring laughs and challenges to your little one​

        • Keep the string and use as a punch ball

        • check out more fun STEAM activities you can enjoy to extend the life of your latex balloons

Sustainable Celebrations

In our mission to celebrate everything; we are painfully aware of the amount of waste celebrations can create mainly due to the use of single-use plastics and non-biodegradable materials.

Here at Pop Deux, we are committed to every balloon we blow up living its full best life! Check out some of our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and make celebrations more sustainable!

  • ReHome

    • After your celebrations, you can return your balloons to us to be "re-homed" for future celebrations. This effort reduces the number of new balloons used in new projects and reduces our dependency on this natural resource. 

    • ​We will pick up your balloons.​

    • All jobs are not suitable for this option. But please do consider this option if your celebration is in a venue, and you have no way of transporting your balloons from the venue. 

  • ReUse

    • The ReUse guide is a downloadable guide to help you get the most out of your balloons.​

    • Includes tips on how to keep your balloons looking great longer so that they may be used for other purposes (home decor in many cases)

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Natural latex

We only offer balloons, which are biodegradable because they are made of 100% natural rubber latex. It´s a naturally grown material, which is long-lasting and eco-friendly harvested. That´s why you won´t ever find mylar balloons in our product selection. Unfortunately, the process of the biodegradability can take some time (several years) and might cause a lot of damage already during the meantime. Not least because of possible stabilizers and plasticizers which might be added to increase the durability. The most reliable way not to burden our nature is to hold your balloons tight and to dispose of them properly (residual or organic waste).

We believe in doing our part by making socially and environmentally responsible choices.

Qualatex balloons are the best balloons available, which are 100% biodegradable. They have the best colour selection, best durability, and the best quality of product around. As a balloon manufacturer, Qualatex have great, knowledgeable staff that are mindful of environmental issues. Which is why they are the best choice when choosing biodegradable balloons.

Did You Know?

  • The natural product used in making balloons is extracted from the sap of rubber trees.

  • Rubber trees combat greenhouse gases, slowing global warming. And latex harvesting helps prevent deforestation.

  • Our balloons are 100% biodegradable and break down at the same rate as an oak leaf.

  • Balloonatics Designs reuses and recycles any plastics and paper products as much as possible in our daily operations.


What is Latex? 

Latex is a stretchy material made from rubber, which is made from rubber trees usually found in Malaysia. These latex balloons are very versatile. They can be made into a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. They can also be inflated with both regular air and helium.

When they are filled with helium, the gas will cause for the balloon to float and rise to the top, whereas those filled with air will not. Although these balloons are an excellent choice for any party or event, those with known latex allergies should avoid contact.


More about our suppliers...


For the environmental enthusiast in everyone, we have something you will definitely love! Our latex balloons are made of natural latex products extracted from trees which makes them environmentally friendly. These brightly coloured biodegradable latex balloons are excellent items which can light up every event and make your occasion feel glamorous in every aspect. We carefully source these balloons in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are especially great for your all your outdoor events and indoor events. Our Balloon Specialists are imaginative and creative at heart. They can recreate your venue into the perfect birthday, graduation or bachelorette theme just the way you want it. Visit our Balloon Chart to pick and choose the colours we have available. Our biodegradable balloons are also the perfect balloons to choose for all your balloon drop events and those fantastic balloon releases because these latex products are approved to be safe for the environment. For inspiration on how you can incorporate latex balloons into your events, follow us on instagram 

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