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30 Valentine’s Day Balloon Gifts and Decor we Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we’ve got some inspo for your day whether it's a gift for your significant other or a Zoom Galentine soiree with your besties. There’s sure to be something that you’ll love.

Red and pink helium balloon ceiling cover

2. Flowers always work Evergreen gift here

3. Something for the kiddos? Mandalas Sky really rocked these custom Jumbo hearts

4. Give them your Heart We have no idea how they created this but geez it’s perfect. We’d take it as a gift 🎁 Balloon Heart Sculpture

5. Your heart, but bigger

This huge mosaic says it all.

6. Your kids will love it

7. If anyone was thinking of getting me something …

See below ⤵️

8. Balloons & actual flowers

This is genius and gorgeous

9. Jumbo Heart Bouquet 💕

Looove this look so much

10. Jumbo bouquets

Everything is better bigger

11. Jumbo Balloon Bouquets

12. Not into pink or red...or Valentine's Day for that matter?

13. Let them know you think they're hot!

14. When you can't decide...get it all

15. Candied Heart Balloon Wall

16. XOXO Balloon Wall

17. Rose Gold Classic Heart Silhouette

Rose gold is having a moment (or a decade)

18. Ombre Balloon Bouquet

The classic heart silhouette. A legend.

19. Again, Flowers. Never a bad idea.

Another flower bouquet, this time Metallic Rose Gold

20. Say it with Balloons

Its never a bad time for a balloon word wall!

21. Jumbo Helium Heart

22. Jumbo Flower Balloon Bouquet

23. Huge Flower Balloon

24. Let the neighbors know

XO Balloon Garland

25. Kisses

Work every time!

26.It's cute, it's classy

Send it!

27. Just Get it All!

Love love love this setup from one of our favorite artist out of Toronto!

28. Galentine's Anyone?

How cute is this incredible setup? If you're having a Galentine celebration with your squad, this pink and red picnic would certainly do the trick!

29. Your heart, but smaller

This very cute balloon mosaic and jumbo custom orb

Two bouquets are better than one!

This helium and standing bouquet with balloon numbers and animal prints it sure to take your valentine's breath away!

You can DIY it or get the look from your local balloon artist! If you’re in the Atlanta metro area check out Pop Deux Balloons Atlanta for all of your balloon arrangement needs! For balloon arches, balloon garlands, balloon columns, balloon decor ideas, and balloon delivery!

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