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Frequently Asked Quesitons

  • Yes, we are licensed!

  • Yes, we are insured!

  • Yes, we provide COIs

  • Yes, we deliver & Install all of our balloon arrangements!

  • Yes, we can create custom colors

  • Yes, we can hang from a ceiling or on your porch

  • Yes, balloons can go outside

    • Yes, they will be affected by the sun, rain and wind

  • We deliver anywhere​

Terms and Conditions

Installation Booking Process

  • Complete an inquiry form at

    • Completed inquiry forms are ​required to book

    • The more details the better

    • Please include photos of your event space or setup location

    • Feel free to include any inspiration photos (estimates are not based on photos)

    • Choose your colors (be specific about your tones and shades e.g. primary, pastel, light, dark etc.)

    • Know your size: Know the size of your balloon arrangement and size needed for your space.

      • Go for the extra footage if you're unsure​

      • Additional length can be added and invoiced on-site 

      • The additional length will be added for a fee; fee will not be waived because you thought the size was bigger or your space was smaller

    • Make changes to an inquiry you've already submitted here

  • Review and accept your estimate & contract

    • You can make changes to your estimate before accepting​

    • Accept and pay your deposit as soon as possible to secure your date estimates expire  after 4 days (unless otherwise noted)

    • We do not hold dates--until services are booked

    • Once accepted, the estimate will convert to an invoice that can be paid directly in the invoice

    • Expired estimates

      • Can not be accepted or paid, clients are moved to wait-list for their date​

      • Based on availability clients on the waitlist may be granted an extension of their estimate​​

  • Pay your deposit

    • Due at the time of booking

    • 55% of the total invoice

    • Non-refundable​

    • Are due to secure the date and begin services

    • Dates fill up quickly, secure your date with a deposit as soon as you are able to

    • Final payment due one week prior to the event date

  • Complete your delivery/installation/pick-up form​

    • After you submit your deposit, you will receive an email with a logistics form inside​

    • Submit this form as soon as possible to ensure a super smooth delivery and installation process

      • Your date is not booked if you do not complete your booking form! It is very important that you complete the booking form because our process is automated; your event can easily be skipped if you do not have a delivery form on file. 

      • Even if you have made a payment, your date is not booked without a delivery form

  • Short Notice Orders​

    • Any order that is placed with less than 2 weeks of prep time is considered a short notice order​

    • Subject to a "skip the line" or "rush fee"

    • Any order with less than 5 days of prep time is subject to a $75 rush fee

    • Any helium order over $160 may receive a $30 credit towards the rush fee

    • Any helium order under $160 is subject to the $75 rush fee

  • We deliver balloons in the metro Atlanta area, and surrounding suburbs

  • $75 Starting-Rate Delivery fee within the city of Atlanta

  • We require a 4-hour minimum delivery & installation window for all installations.

  • Large projects with multiple large items to be setup require a 5-hour installation window

  • Last-minute venue/location/logistics changes are generally not accommodated due to scheduling, but we will consider each on a case-by-case basis. If we are able to accommodate your change, it may impact your delivery and installation and ALL changes are subject to a fee and may impact your reservations and rentals - we are not responsible for delivery and installation issues that arise due to changes made to the delivery window.

  • Balloon bouquet deliveries are distinct from installation windows. Due to volume balloon bouquets are delivered between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. 

Install Conditions

  • We install:

    • Indoor, outdoor​

    • on backdrops, grass walls, ceilings, stages, and more in garages, clubs, homes, yards, restaurants, condos, basements, rooftops and more

    • We do not install in active inclement weather. Please be mindful, it is your responsibility to check the weather for your celebrations and make alternate plans for any installations that may be affected by weather conditions. We do not make any decisions about setup absent active inclement weather (meaning if its not raining/hailing/snowing at the time of your install we will happily install where you please)

    • Your celebration's venue, and setup logistics (where to place your arrangements), are your sole discretion be sure to check the weather, check the weather, and check the weather for your outside events because we will install the balloons where you dictate without consideration for pending weather. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you understand that we do not assume any responsibility for arrangements that are exposed to inclement weather; rain, foggy conditions, extreme heat, and prolonged direct sunlight.

Booked Orders

  • All orders are taken online through our website. Absolutely no orders or revisions are taken over the phone

  • Revisions

    • All revisions, questions, or concerns regarding your order must be submitted in writing--No Exceptions

    • No refunds on booked services or reduction in services

    • No changes will be accepted within a week of service

      • This includes changes in the delivery window and venue (see delivery page for more details)​

Balloon Terms

Balloons Without Helium - Latex Balloons 

Balloons With Helium

  • Balloon Bouquets & Trees

    • A mixture of shapes and sizes 

    • Can be mylar (foil) or latex

Jumbo Balloons​​​

  • Custom Jumbo Balloon --print is a handcrafted phrase or drawing or pattern 

  • Custom Jumbo Balloon 36"--print is a vinyl phrase or image or shape

  • Custom Glitter Balloon--can be inside or outside of balloons

  • Custom Confetti Balloon--can be inside or outside of balloons

  • Custom Gender Reveal Balloons--generally black balloons with paper or mylar confetti

Rental Terms

  • See Delivery Form

Additional Terms

  • $200 Minimum Order

  • $250 Minimum delivery

  • No refunds on deposits

  • No refunds on services rendered

  • No refunds - in the absence of a natural disaster - (not including Covid-10 Pandemic, if services were booked after the pandemic began)

  • No refunds due to inclement weather. It is imperative that you monitor the weather for your upcoming outside events, and check our Delivery and Installation policies and best practices for all weather, especially rainy, windy or very sunny areas.

    • In short, rain won't pop balloons but may cause them to stick together, or may cause any hooks or adhesives to lose their grips be sure to check your forecast and plan accordingly plan accordingly​

  • No refunds under any circumstances 

  • Rental Periods are 6 hours; if no pick up time is designated; best available pickup slot is automatically assigned

  • Short notice orders accepted as case-by-case --based on our ability to guarantee quality service

  • We are not responsible for arrangements damaged once we have installed and left the premises

  • We are not liable for situations resulting from insufficient prep, and setup time-that is less than the minimum required for the specific job

  • Orders less than $215 require 75%-full payment at booking.

  • We reserve the right to share any content we create of products that we produce.

    • Images that we take of our services and our products are owned by Pop Deux and considered property or content of Pop Deux Balloons LLC. ​

Discounts & Promos

  • All active promotions (If available) will be featured on the home page

  • All discounts greater than 50%, including Family and Friends, or other Promos require flexible delivery. Absolutely no Exceptions.

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